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Other Events

Events organized by consortium partners, which relate to the objectives of the project:

1. Symposium on Approaches and Nanotechnologies for VOLATOLOMICS, May 21-22, Tarragona, Spain

Presentations given at the symposium

  1. "Study and chemical characterization of volatile organic compounds in human breath for clinical diagnosis ", Dr. Francesca Porcelli (University of Bari, Italy)
  2. "Analysis from Skin Samples as a complementary Source for Breath Volatolomics", Dr. Yoav Broza (Technion, Israel)
  3. "Analytical methods for breath analysis: current status and future perspectives", Dr. Noelia Ramirez (URV, Spain)
  4. "The Breath Volatolomic Map of Genetic Mutations of Cancer", Dr. Orna Barash (Technion, Israel)
  5. "The need of external validation for metabolomics predictive models", Dr. Santiago Marco (University of Barcelona, Spain)
  6. "Low dimensional nanomaterials for trace detection", Prof. Eduard Llobet (URV, Spain)
  7. "Artificially Intelligent Silicon Nanowire Sensors for Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds", Dr. Bin Wang (Technion, Israel)
  8. "Fabrication of ultra-pure monolayer-capped AuNPs for volatile biomarkers sensing", Dr. Radu Ionescu (URV, Spain)
  9. "Fabrication of nanostructure surfaces for Laser Desorption Ionisation applications", Prof. Xavier Correig (URV, Spain)
  10. "Inkjet printed nanosensors and their integration in wearable healthcare systems", Prof. José Luís Ramírez (URV, Spain)
  11. "Lung cancer – the potential for the integration of early detection biomarkers into future CT screening programmes", Prof. John Field (University of Liverpool, UK)
  12. "Detection of Precancerous Gastric Lesions and Gastric Cancer through Exhaled Breath", Dr. Haitham Amal (Technion, Israel)
  13. "Data processing and statistical analysis in experimental samples", Prof. Jesús Brezmes (URV, Spain)
  14. "Ultrasensitive SiNW FET based Sensor for real world applications: Diagnosis of Gastric Cancer from Breath Volatolome", Mrs. Rotem Vishinkin (Technion, Israel)
  15. "Nanoparticle-Based Sensors for Detection of Active Tuberculosis from Exhaled Breath", Mrs. Raneen Jeries (Technion, Israel)
  16. "AuNP/Casein conjugates for application in the design of an electrochemical biosensor for pathogen leishmania detection and canine leishmaniasis diagnostic", Dr. Mohamed Fethi Diouani (Institute Pasteur de Tunis, Tunisia) - Poster