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Training Activities

The training activities proposed by the project are split into several activities:

Seminaries given by consortium members

24. 2016-11-08 (MolFing) – Dr. Dumitru Valentin Dragut & Mr. Mihai Tudor Olaru, IMNR – "Complementary studies regarding thin film deposition by AGD on gas sensors"
23. 2016-10-19 (PG) – Mr. Francesc Adrover, JLM – "Electronic PCB design for the modified setup and demonstration of MOXstick (from JLM Innovation) working principles with different types of fitting sensors"
22. 2016-09-22 (URV) – Mrs. Oana Ulieru, SITEX – "SITEX 45 SRL Company's Profile"
21. 2016-07-28 (JLM) – Mr. Oriol Gonzalez, URV – "System for flow control and sensing through Python and MOXsticks"
20. 2016-07-26 (PG) – Mr. Amine Slama, IPT – "Automatic diagnostic based on temporal feature selection and fuzzy c-means classification"
19. 2016-07-26 (PG) – Mr. Kamel Belgacem, IPT – "Gold nanoparticles: properties, caracteristics and uses"
18. 2016-06-23 (UCMMIT) – Prof. Raul Rodriguez, UP – "Zica the recent epidemic in the Americas"
17. 2016-05-31 (UCMMIT) – Dr. Madalina Popescu & Dr. Ana-Maria Mocioiu, IMNR – "Innovative techniques for sensors fabrication with potential applications in tropical diseases"
16. 2016-05-17 (MolFing) – Prof. Benachir Bouchikhi, UMI – "Approach of using an electronic sensing technologies and chemometric tools for monitoring exhaled breath and human urine"
15. 2016.07.25 (PG) – Prof. Cristhian Manuel Duran Acevedo, UP - "Wireless Electronic Nose for Toxic Gases Detection in Coal Mines"
14. 2016.04.19 (URV) – Prof. Nezha El Bari, UMI – "Development of Biosensor Based on Molecular Imprinted Polymer for Sulfaguanidin and Doxycycline Detection in Honey Samples".
13. 2016.04.08 (SITEX) – Dr. Radu Ionescu, URV – "Breath analysis for bovine tuberculsosis diagnosis"
12. 2016.03.31 (UULM) – Prof. Lars Österlund, MolFing – "Microstructured and surface functionalized diamond waveguides as biosensors"
11. 2016.03.18 (URV) – Mr. Tarik Saidi, UMI - "Breath analysis of patients having renal failure using electronic nose"
10. 2016.02.25 (PG) – Mr. Umut Çindemir, MolFing – "NiO gas sensors produced by Advanced Gas Deposition"
9. 2016.02.25 (PG) – Prof. Benachir Bouchkhi, UMI - "Study and analysis of exhaled breath and human urine by using an electronic sensing systems combined with pattern recognition methods"
8. 2016.01.22 (URV) - Dr. Sergi Udina, JLM - "Smart Gas Sensors for Mobile Applications"
7. 2015.10.13 (MolFing) – Dr. Angela Lopez, UULM – "Mid-infrared spectroscopy approaches to protein analysis"
6. 2015.09.04 (Sitex) – Dr. Raul Calavia, URV – "Research activities at the MINOS Group from URV"
5. 2015.09.29 (IPT) – Dr. Oana Moldovan, URV – "Compact modeling of new and advanced types of transistors"
4. 2015.09.29 (MolFing) – Tesfalem Geremariam Weleareagy, URV –"Fabrication of Isolated Ultrafine Metal Nanoparticles (MNP, M=Au, Pt, Cu, Ni) Using Advanced Gas Deposition (AGD) For Chemical Gas Sensors"
3. 2015.08.27 (JLM) – Dr. José Luís Ramírez, URV: Towards beneficial mass-market nanosensors – "Ink-jet printing on polymers"
2. 2015.05.20 (URV) - Dr. Mohamed Fethi Diouani, Institut Pasteur de Tunis - "A GP63 substrate-based chronoapterometric biosensor for fast and reliable Lieshmania parasite detection"
1. 2015.03.17 (URV) - Dr. Sergi Udina, JLM - "Sampling strategies and data formatting for breath analysis"



1. 2016.08.17 - 2016.08.28 - Tesfalem Welearegay - "PhD Summer School: Micro and Nano Sensors 2016", Copenhagen, Denmark (course organised by Technical University of Denmark, DTU, 5 ECTS)
2. 2015.03.02 - 2015.03.13 - Tesfalem Welearegay - "Block Course Chemical Sensors - Basics, Technology and Applications", Tuebingen, Germany (course organized by University of Tuebingen, 4 ECTS)