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Training Course - "Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser spectroscopy"

Prof. Boris Mizaikoff, University of Ulm (Germany)

Invited presentations:

1. Lars Österlund, Molecular Fingerprint Sweden AB (Sweden): “Planar IR waveguide and surface spectroscopy”

2. Rolf Szedlak, Vienna University of Technology (Austria): “Quantum cascaded lasers (QCLs): Fundamentals and perspectives”

3. Vjekoslav Kokoric, University of Ulm (Germany): “Hollow waveguide technologies for IR gas phase analysis”

4. Felicia Seichter, University of Ulm (Germany): “Chemometric strategies in IR breath diagnostics”

5. Erhan Tütüncü, University of Ulm (Germany): “Laser-based IR breath diagnostics”

6. Tomas Edvinsson, Uppsala University (Sweden): “Resonant and off-resonant Raman spectroscopy”

Practical session:
OptoPrecision (Germany): DEMO: “APOSEMA" – ICL-based IR breath analyzer prototype