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Training Course "Breath samples analysis with chemical gas sensors and analytical equipment"

Dr. Radu Ionescu, Uppsala University (Sweden)

Invited presentations:

1. James Covington, University of Warwick (UK): “Breath analysis by chemical systems”

2. Veronika Ruzsanyi, Innsbruck University (Austria): “Ion Mobility Spectrometry - A promising Technique for Future Medical and Security Applications”

3. Chris Mayhew, Innsbruck University (Austria): “Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry and Real-Time Breath Analysis”

4. Pawel Mochalski, Innsbruck University (Austria): “Storage of breath samples - Focus on Tedlar bags”

5. Jan Mitrovics, JLM Innovation GmbH (Germany): “Breath Analysis with Chemical Sensors, Challenges and Opportunities”

6. Cristhian Duran, University of Pamplona (Colombia): “Method for samples collection with the BioVOC device”

7. Eran Rom, Nanoscent (Israel): “Making Scents readable to all”

8. Marcis Leja, University of Latvia (Latvia): “Gastrointestinal potential confounding factors”

9. Gidi Shani, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Israel): “Smart Phone for Disease Detection from Exhaled Breath”

10. Dumitru Ulieru, SITEX 45 SRL (Romania): “Wireless sensors Network for health monitoring of micro/nanomanufacturing chains”

11. Hanen Smadhi, University of Tunis Elmanar (Tunisia): “Outcome of a non-invasive breath test in the early diagnosis of Hydatid cyst”

Practical session:
Demonstrations of sensor systems for breath analysis